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My New Friend

27 Jun

IMG_0025IMG_0026This is a vintage, hand-made bunny I found when I was out the other day.  She was indecent, so I began making her a pinafore out of two vintage handkerchiefs I had stocked in my fabric bin.  I’m going to put some pretty buttons on the dress and make her a nice white blouse for underneath.  But… I can’t keep just referring to her as “her.”  What should I call her?  What name do you think of when you see that face?

Once she is fully-clothed and clad with a fancy name, I will be putting her in my Etsy shop.

[as a prideful aside: when I brought her home, Peter made a face at her.  She was kind of dirty and plain.  But after I showed him what she looked like all cleaned and dolled up, he smiled and said “You can keep her for our baby, if you want.”]