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Blessed Inconsistencies

12 Feb

I can’t really sleep.  My little Christian woke me up a few hours ago to feed, and I haven’t felt tired enough to go back to bed, so I figured I should just stay up until his next feeding, rather than try to fall back asleep now, and probably be woken up 15 minutes later.

Anyway, I started thinking about things I’ve believed in the past, and conversations I’ve had with many other Christians who’ve thought along the lines of: “Well, he looks like a Christian, but if his theology is carried out to its logical conclusion, he would believe such-and-such.  So he might as well not be a brother.”

But what should carry out from bad theology isn’t always what does carry out.  Maybe Arminianism should logically lead to Open Theism.  But it almost never does.  Maybe Dispensationalism should logically lead to antinomianism.   But it rarely does.  Praise God that we’re not logically consistent with our poor theology!  We all have it somewhere, and if we were consistent in it–if we based all of the rest of our theology on one point which we misunderstood–then we probably wouldn’t remain Christians for long.

Sometimes we talk as though we actually wish a Christian would be consistent with his bad theology and just apostatize already, if only so others would see that we were right about them being in error.  How ungracious we can be.