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4 Feb

Or “moved,” actually. My new location will be Robbing the Bees The Incomplete Works of Anselm. “But why? WHY NAOMI??” Take it easy. Two reasons:

1. I’ve gotten tired of the “Coriander Seeds” address. I’m not sure why
I ever chose that. It was the first thing that popped in my head, and I think it gives the impression that I make much more Indian food than I do. I make exactly zero Indian food.

2. Maybe I’m a dumb-dumb, but WordPress is too tricky for me, and the appearance of my blog is important to me. It just became too difficult to figure out what WordPress would and wouldn’t allow me to do with my design. The fact that I’m at the point in my life where all my blogging and editing is done while nursing only makes it trickier for me. Dongemmewrong, I’ll miss the European sleekness of WordPress. But the Yankee in me longs for Lady Freedom in all her sloppy-template glory. I’m going to keep this blog up, however, as an homage to… me. So to speak. As it were. Heretofore.


The News

21 May

So Peter and I discovered recently that we are going to be having our second child very soon!  I’m not yet sure of the due date (I’m really bad at keeping track of things, if you know what I mean), but we’re estimating it’ll be around January – not quite Irish twins, since apparently they have to be born in the same year to qualify for that honor.  We’re very excited!  I’m looking forward to either having a little girl I can dress up, or a little boy who can learn to do boyish things with his big brother (plus, I won’t have to buy new clothes).

We’ll let everyone know details as we get them.  For now, please be praying for our child’s health and for mommy’s morning sickness.  I’ve stocked up on crackers and English muffins, which are about all I can stomach lately.  But God has blessed us and I can’t complain – even though I try often.

Here am I and the children whom the LORD has given me!
      We are for signs and wonders in Israel
      From the LORD of hosts,
      Who dwells in Mount Zion. [Isaiah 8:18]

Israel and His Happy Momma

23 Feb

My friend Becki was kind enough to take a ton of pictures of Israel a few weeks ago.  She’s not done editing all of them yet, but she sent me a few to whet my appetite.  I cannot wait to make some nice framed pics for the grandparents and great grandparents!


24 Jan

Evidently I haven’t been writing anything here for a while.  I’d like to change that since I now have energy and lots of free time during this little guy’s naps–which brings me to introductions:

Israel Josiah Anselmo was born on Christmas day.  Yes, he’s a month old!  Don’t worry though: you haven’t missed any of the real landmarks yet… except for the actual birth, of course.  Ehem.

Israel’s first name means “Prince of God.”  He is also, of course, named after king Josiah, who brought reform to the people by means of the law of God.  This little boy has some very large, very royal shoes to fill, and we look forward to seeing how God uses him for His kingdom, and how he will (we pray) surpass his parents in righteousness.

11 Jul

My husband and I are in the process of putting our home on the market–which is very exciting, especially considering the prospect of moving to a cheaper county and hopefully beginning the process of eliminating our debt!  But, with the pregnancy added on to that–including some recent complications (nothing to worry too much about, but taxing, nonetheless)–I’m going to be taking a break from both this blog and my Etsy shop.  I’m hoping to have everything backup and running soon after we’ve either settled into a new home, or have realized that we can’t sell this one and begin unpacking again!  I don’t know how long that will be, but let’s pray it’s not too long, no matter what the outcome is!

Hope to be writing and Etsying again very soon!



11 Jun

Hello everyone,

My name is Naomi, and thank you for visiting my blog!  I like to post beautiful things I’ve found along the way, usually pertaining to art, home decor, gardening, baking, cooking, sewing, and general domesticity/girly things.  I’m a Marylander, an aspiring housewife, come Christmas day I will, Lord willing, be a mother, and I love self-sufficiency!  My husband and I live with our cute little pug Clementine in Frederick, MD.  I hope I can show you how beautiful domesticity can be!