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Green Tweed Was All My Joy!

17 Dec

I started making some stockings out of a mohair sweater I found at the mall–not in a shop.  It was abandoned in the bathroom.  Am I a bad person for not giving it to lost-and-found?  We can figure that out later.  Anyways, I wasn’t thrilled with how the first stocking turned out, so I went to a thrift store in town and found a great kinda-teal-green tweed jacket…

And made it into an even greater tweed stocking…

And an “am Greatesten” (as the Germans would kinda say) tweed vest and matching bow tie for Peanut-Butter-Breath (Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.  I’ve yet to master the art of taking photos of moving babies).

“Vis ze Edvardian masculinity imparted to me by zis tveed vest, I vill be adekvately ekvipped to CHARM ZE WHOLE VÖERÜLD INTO SUBMISSION TO MY VILL!!!

And Israel finally got everything he ever wanted for Christmas.


Izzy and the Jaymar

30 Sep

My brother gave this great little piano to me as a birthday (or was it Christmas?) present I think about 10 years ago.  We were browsing antique stores downtown as only weird homeschooled teenagers would do, and I fell in love with it.  He surprised me with it a few weeks later.

In the past several years I’ve really been looking forward to my children being able to use it.  Yesterday, I lugged it in to the living room, and today I propped Israel up and observed.  He absolutely loves it!

I love that little man.

Anyway, I’m thinking about possibly painting it some bright, child-like color, since it’s got a few spots of wear and discoloration on it.  What do you think?  Should I leave it as is and consider the wear to be “character”?  If I do paint it, what color should I do?  I’ve posted a few pictures of our living room on this blog, so that should make it easier for you all to help me figure out what color would go.  Comment away.

Things I’m happy about today:

14 Sep

I turned this stuff:

into this:

It’s to store my coupons, discount cards, and shopping list in.  I still need to put a button on it and it’s a little sloppy.

It’s sloppiness was at first accidental, and then became intentional, simply because it was easier for me to make it look sloppy on purpose than it is for me to make myself do anything more than eye-ball measurements and seams for things that are intended to stay in my possession (I’m more picky about how things look if I’m giving them to someone else or selling them).  But I still love it.  The lady at CVS complimented it immediately, before I blind-sided her with coupons.

(I had to save the selvedge and use it.  I’ve seen so many cute selvedge projects, and I’ve always wanted to find a way to incorporate it – albeit in a much more meager way than in the projects linked above).

2. The heather plants I got super cheap at Aldi this week.  And yes, those hydrangeas are fake.  Peter says that live cut flowers are a liability – not an asset.  I tend to agree with him.

3. The Milano cookies I stole legitimately got for free from CVS.

4. Israel.  Well, he always makes me happy.  He’s taken to playing with non-toy things, which for some reason amuses me.

And something I’m not so happy about:


“Well, I already know what it is…”

25 Aug

That’s what the sonographer said almost right after she turned the screen on. So of course, Peter immediately blurted out “It’s a boy!” But the sonographer just stared at the screen and smiled. Then she proceeded to point out a few things to us on the video we were watching of the baby sitting oblivious in my belly, sucking its thumb. “You’re having a little girl!”
If she is as punctual as her big brother, she will introduce herself to everyone by name on January 9th.  In the meantime, I’m dusting the walls with compulsion and scouting Goodwill for bloomers as if that is the only thing she is ever going to wear.

The Wonderful Thing about Chiggers

28 Jul

So clearly, we’ve successfully moved to Missouri.  I forgot to mention anything about that, and we’ve been here over a month.  I thought I should mention something about how things are going, for those of you in Maryland who haven’t yet had a chance to ask us “So??  How is it!?”  Well, we like it.  A lot.  That’s not to say that we don’t ever miss Maryland (I do all the time), but we’re very happy here.  Here are some questions you would ask if we were talking on the phone and you were one of our moms:

“So, how’s your place?”

It’s exactly what we need right now.  I would show you pictures, but I don’t have a camera.  Well, we have Peter’s Blackberry, but our place doesn’t get tons and tons of natural light, so probably any pictures I take with that will make our house look dark and depressing.  It’s actually really cute in real life.  Two bedrooms and a huge living room (we’re actually thinking about looking for a THIRD sofa).  When we got here, the previous tenants had nails in the oddest spots on the walls.  It’s like they were college students or something, they must have displayed every little thing they could.  They had also stunk up the place with smoke and had painted the kitchen cabinets red and off white.  We’ve painted the dining area a nice clean white (that was the room with the most smoke damage), and did the same with the cabinets, as well as buying some new, simple, MATCHING hardware for them (I really… really hate when landlords don’t make knobs and handles match each other.  And light switch covers?!  C’mon, you can get them for literally 50 cents at Walmart, is there any financial reason to have every cover in the house a different pattern??)

I think the landlord would be ok with me painting the baby’s room something other than the khaki color he has on all the walls, but I don’t have the energy to press for that or to start that kind of project.  They’ll stay khaki for now.

We also have a small garden area which right now is overgrown with dead and poorly-organized vegetables from the previous tenant.  But it’s been in the 90s every day for a while, and being pregnant I’m not eager to spend an afternoon outside uprooting everything yet.  I haven’t even cleaned our car out since we moved here, it’s been so hot.

“What’s the neighborhood like?”

It’s pretty nice.  As far as Peter and I can see, there don’t seem to be any shady neighbors, and the guy living in the place adjoined to ours is very friendly.  He and Peter like talking about theology and politics.  It’s a pretty quiet street.  We’re really close to pretty much everything, being right off the main street in our area.  There’s a train that goes by behind our house – which Peter isn’t crazy about, but I love it.  It makes me feel like I’m back in Frederick.  Plus, I love trying to teach Israel the choo-choo noise whenever we hear it go by.

“Are you making lots of friends there?”

Yes, it’s crazy how hospitable people are – even those who live over an hour away.  It’s been very good for me especially.  We live really close to my brother and some other friends, which has been great!  We have so much more fellowship with people here because we live so close to the church and to several families in the church.  It’s nice having people over twice a week, and going over to someone else’s house just as often.  And there are lots of ladies in the church who know how to do all sorts of things, so I’m looking forward to learning those all-sorts-of-things from them.

“Are you guys gonna be looking to buy a house any time soon?”

Not in the next 6 months, probably.  We’re really happy where we are for now, and we’d kinda like to wait until baby no. 2 is born before we start up that process again.  It was stressful enough selling our house and moving when I was 8 months pregnant with Israel.  Even though I really wasn’t doing the taxing physical labor, it’s just a lot to think about.

“How’s Izzy?”

He’s great.  He’s slowly starting to scoot around by himself, though he’s really good at rotating, not so good at forward movement at this point.  He can also sit up by himself… as long as someone standing to his side doesn’t distract him.  Then he loses his balance and falls over.  It’s helped a bunch being around so many other babies close in age to him.  He sees the things they can do (like sitting up, scooting, and so on), and he gets jealous and wants to try those things too.  Jealousy can be good sometimes.

We’re also starting to feed him more big-boy food.  When we eat dinner, we’ll often let him taste things.  He’s very curious about food, and he can tell when he’s being left out of a meal.  So, with that in mind – and considering his recent ability to chew his food rather than just swallowing it whole – we’ve actually begun giving him the Lord’s Supper lately!  He’s done a great job with it too.  Now, if I could just get him to not screech like Mariah Carey when we’re listening to the sermon…

“How are you feeling?”

I feel great pretty much all the time.  I get vertigo pretty badly sometimes, but as long as I eat often and drink lots and lots of water a day, I can generally keep it under control.  I have a week here and there when I need a nap every day, but generally I can get by just fine without one.

I can feel the baby move around every once in a while, usually when I lay down.  So that’s been a great feeling.  Having one baby living outside my belly tends to distract me, and sometimes I completely forget that I’m pregnant.  It’s nice that the new baby is getting big enough that he or she can remind me on his or her own that he or she is there.

Speaking of which, assuming everything goes to plan, we should be finding out whether we’re having a he or a she on August 20th!  I can’t wait.  I’m trying to think of some creative way to reveal the gender once we know.  And no, we won’t be telling any of you the name this time either.

Well family and friends, Israel’s nap is coming to a close, and I haven’t yet eaten lunch… Aaand it looks like I should actually be starting dinner.  Man.  It’s 3:18 already?!  See ya.

This is Dickon.

10 Mar

He’s not perfect, but the lamb loves him very much, and he makes Israel laugh.

Tulips at Katie’s Bridal Shower

6 Feb

I was looking through the pictures of my sister Katie’s bridal shower last spring, and I found this one, taken by my friend Rachel Iovino.  I cannot wait for spring to come again!  I think I need to find some little winter pleasures.  I’ll work on that and get back to you.